Board Members

board members.pngThis was the third one I made. It has always been my favourite. It’s a little sad when one of your first attempts at something is the best you will ever do. The mild success of this paint program piece inspired the rest. The hope was that some day this would be ‘just another microsoft paint piece.’ Looking back, I see how foolish this dream was. From the board members standing, the board members being bored, to the chairman also being a chair man – there are almost too many low lying word plays to grab hold of. Enjoy.



post structuralist.png

I did this one during a class on post-structuralism.

This does not get at the core of the textual critical movement of post-structuralism. In my understanding, post-structuralism is about meaning being located in the mind of the reader rather than the author (or the text itself). So in this case, I think the author’s (post maker’s) reading of his work or his experience of the work is the real truth encounter. An alternative reading is that he is just a guy making posts who doesn’t care what other people think. I guess its up to the reader to decide where the meaning of this post is located.


misrepresented fax.png

Fax is short for facsimile. The big idea is that a fax is an exact copy of something. It is sometimes called telecopying because it is sent via a telephonic trasmission. At least that is what a quick search told me. I’ve never heard of telecopying before.

I had a professor who would often talk about a misrepresentation of the facts.

Catch Up

Ketchup 2.png

They were behind in their work but I think with the two of them they eventually caught up .

I have not been to a ketchup factory before, but I image it looks something like this.


Broken Horse.png

The internet tells me that many people don’t like the term ‘broke’ in describing a horse as it implies training done by such force that it broke the horse’s spirit. The internet says nothing about horses and their lack of income.

I thought of this one during the homily at church when the pastor was talking about training a horse. I never actually learned to draw a horse.