Board Members

board members.pngThis was the third one I made. It has always been my favourite. It’s a little sad when one of your first attempts at something is the best you will ever do. The mild success of this paint program piece inspired the rest. The hope was that some day this would be ‘just another microsoft paint piece.’ Looking back, I see how foolish this dream was. From the board members standing, the board members being bored, to the chairman also being a chair man – there are almost too many low lying word plays to grab hold of. Enjoy.


Hedge Hog

I love ‘Tom the hedge hog.’  He is quite possibly my favorite of all characters I have painted.  Mostly because I didn’t even have to Google Image search hedge hogs (like I sometimes do for my more obscure animals).  Just look at him.  The check out sign should be pointing at him!  Precious.

I Loves Snow!

Does I Loves snow? Yes he does.

One of my all time favorites. Does I love snow?  Why, yes, yes he does.

Fun Fact: In my more creative years I embarked on a musical journey and I tried to write an album. This was to be the album cover. The original album name? I Presents the Present of Presence. I never made it to the point where it was something worth recording.



Relationships rock. Sometimes, when people are not careful, they go overboard.

Fun Fact: apparently I was a little pessemistic about relationships when I made this. Perhaps the person is going overboard because he is singing her a song that he wrote about her and it’s only their second date.



When people use maniac in a sentence like, “Tonight I am going to party like a maniac.”  I cannot help but think of a terrible person to party with.  I imagine any sort of yack would be a terrible party companion, much less, one with a long mane to get in the way.  Basically, to me, “party like a maniac” can be translated into: “party like someone who was always in the way, eats grass, almost kicks/steps on someone and is not even aware they are at a party.”